QR Codes

As a frequent Target shopper, or should I say Targee, I have been using QR codes to find speacial deals or sale items for a few years now, but didn’t realize all the applications of this technology. QR codes are connectors between the physical world and the web. If done right, students see your QR code, scan it, and are immediately engaged in your message.


25 Fun Ways to Use QR Codes in Education

This site offered several ways to hook in students. I love the idea of library book add-ons to have students create book trailers, and also appreciate the Go Green aspect discussed by Edutopia.


Ten Things to do with QR Codes on Back to School Night

The Daring Librarian blog has become such a useful tool in my LIBS classes. Gwyneth Jones explains some great ideas in this particular blog post. My favorite is the virtual tour application. What a fantastic way to get your students involved and promote school community.


I tried all three QR Sandbox tools.  Using I-Nigma, I created this QR code to help us find our way next week at the Summer Institute. This site is simple to use, and I also downloaded their QR reader app. I-Nigma

         ODU Campus Map (2)

QR Code Monkey is very similar to I-Nigma but has an additional feature to add an image. I’ve seen this used on social media sites such as SnapChat and WeChat. See where this QR code takes you! QR Code Monkey


Finally I tried QR Voice. I like the idea of being able to hear someone’s “voice”. Students would be able to describe in their own words details of their art assignment, or how much they loved reading a certain book. A terrific tool to get students inspired. I did have difficult with my QR reader app not being able to play the sound and was referred to Google Translate. According to QR Voice’s site, this is a common problem with recommendations of checking your browser setting and using one of their tested and recommended scanner apps. QR Voice

QR Voice.png



Looking forward to the Summer Institute next week – putting faces with names! There are so many interesting topics to discover; it’s too bad we have to choose.












2 thoughts on “QR Codes

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the campus map one. As I think about QR I can’t help but think about how they simplify and also help students but also faculty to quickly access information. Most of the times I used QR codes at museum or touristic sites to learn more about that particular painting. It’s nice to discover more about an item through a code.


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